Cabins Lomalinda

The resort Loma Linda is located in the town of
Buena Vista, a distance of 103 km from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

In an environment surrounded by orchards of oranges, lemons, tangerines and other tropical varieties, receiving visitors in their countless hiking trails in close contact with nature.
Our facilities are ideal for you and your family can enjoy moments of relaxation in our pool, enjoying a tasty steak .
or just camping in this quiet paradise

Its mild climate, comfortable facilities
and the surrounding nature, make it the ideal place
to share moments of peace and tranquility.

For your convenience we have cabins with 2 bedrooms (1 buy prednisone without double / 3 single beds), bathroom with hot water, living room and kitchen that includes refrigerator and dishes

Rio Surutú
Beautiful river waters and white sands make the visitor enjoy the contact with nature that surrounds it.

Rio Yapacaní
Mighty river which can be navigated in motor boats, jet nautical or simply savor the delicious dishes offered by locals with its unique warmth.

A jewel that jealously guard these places. Amboró National Park is a few miles across one of the rivers of the region. Custodian of extraordinary flora and fauna in this sanctuary American can be reached hotel guides who are trained and prepared to not only make a real interpretation of what happened exhibits to Mother Nature, but because they know how to approach to enrapture the eye and delight the spirit undefiled and prey together such beauty and wonder; heritage of our children and our children’s children.

CONTACT: Mauricio Rossell
Phone Bookings in Santa Cruz: 3327888 to 76655523 In Dental Clinic Rossell
Rossell Dental Clinic Address: Avenida Centenario (between 1st & 2nd ring) Descarpontriez aisle # 8


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